Golden Dragon Parade (Los Angeles) : The oldest Chinese New Year parade in the United States


( The Golden Lunar New Year Parade is an annual tradition hosted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of LA. It is the oldest Chinese New Year parade in the United States



The Lunar New Year Parade has been a long-standing tradition in Los Angeles. This parade is the longest-running Lunar New Year parade outside of China. Back in the late 1800s when Chinese immigrants came to Los Angeles as railroad workers and many faced prejudice and discrimination, the parade was initially a government response to help engender greater understanding for the Chinese and to bridge racial divides. In its first year, Chinese immigrants came out in colorful costumes and showcased lion dances and martial arts performances from their home country to share their traditions and culture with the people of Los Angeles.



With over thousands and thousands of individuals lining the parade route and thousands viewing the telecast each year, this colorful celebration along North Broadway in Chinatown has become the premiere cultural event in the Southern California Asian-American Community.

It is celebrated with colorful festivals, parades, and most importantly, large family gatherings. It is also a time when ancestors are fondly remembered and families give thanks for their blessings.



A highlight of the annual parade is the dragon dance, a colorful and symbolic dragon figure manipulated on poles with coordinated dance, dexterity and strength by a skilled dance team. The dragon is said to scare away bad spirits and bring good luck.

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