Eagle Powerlifters Set World Records


image: Collection On the weekend of March 4th-6th, Eagle Powerlifters travelled to Lansing, Michigan, to compete in the American Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF)  Single Lift National Championships.  MVA wanted break some world records – as well as break and win some individual single lift national championships.

Senior sensation and co-captain Sung-Yueh “Derek” Chang started the day off right by breaking H. Jones’ (England) M-E-T18-19-148 squat world record of 160 kgs. (352.7 lbs.) with a lift of 161 kgs. (354.9 lbs.) at a bodyweight of 145.1 lbs.  Derek also set M-E-T18-19-148 American records in the squat and bench press.  Derek won 1-M-E-T18-19-148 single lift national championships in the squat and bench press.

Co-captain Qinyi “E” Wang kept up the momentum for the eagles by breaking Ryan Stewart’s (Quincy, Ohio) M-E-T18-19-165 American record in the bench press with a lift  122.5 kgs. ( 270.1 lbs.).  E won a 1-M-E-T18-19-165 single lift national championship in the bench press.

Junior Michael Megler broke teen powerlifting legend Mason Harbour’s (DeGraff, Ohio) much coveted M-E-T16-17-165 deadlift world record of 220.0 kgs. (485.0 lbs.) with a lift of 227.5 kgs. (501.5 lbs.) at a bodyweight of 159.0 lbs.  This lift also set a M-E-T16-17-165 American record in the deadlift and earned a 1-M-E-T16-17-165 single lift national championship.

211.2 lb. Alejandro Ruiz shattered strongman Isaac Redman’s (Mount Vernon, Indiana) M-E-T16-17-220 deadlift world record of 227.5 kgs. (501.5 lbs.) with a lift of 250.0 kgs. (551.2 lbs.).  Alejandro also set a M-E-T16-17-22 world record in the bench press and American records in both the deadlift and the bench press.  He also earned 1-M-E-T16-17-220 single lift national championships in the bench press and deadlift.

Montverde Academy powerlifters will continue training for the APF Single Ply National Powerlifting Championships on May 29th at the Double Tree in Orlando where they hope to set several WPC world records.  Coach Eric Pauli told Montverde.org, “To compete at the WPC Worlds next November, a lifter has to finish in the top 3 in his respective age group and weight class at the Nationals in Orlando!”

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