Crane & Co. - The oldest manufacturing stationary and office supplies company and the only paper supplier for currency printing, passports in the United States.


( Crane Currency is a manufacturer of cotton-based paper products used in the printing of national currencies, passports and banknotes. Crane remains the sole supplier of paper for use in U.S. currency.

In 1801, Crane was founded by Zenas Crane, Henry Wiswall and John Willard. The company’s original mill had a daily output of 20 posts (1 post = 125 sheets). Shortly after, in 1806, Crane began printing currency on cotton paper for local, as well as regional, banks, before officially printing for the government. Crane developed a method to embed parallel silk threads in banknote paper to denominate notes and deter counterfeiting in 1844.

In 1879, Crane grew when Winthrop M. Crane won a contract to deliver U.S. currency paper to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. Crane produced both the yellow (issued in 1883–1884) and the white (1884–1894) watermarked security papers for the nation’s Postal Notes. These early money orders were produced for sale throughout the postal system by the Homer Lee Bank Note Company (1883–1887), the American Bank Note Company (1887–1891), and Dunlap & Clarke (1891–1894).

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