ATP Flight School (Florida) : The largest flight training company in the United States


( ATP Flight School, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, is the largest flight training company in the United States. The privately held company was founded in 1984 in Atlanta, GA by its current management, a small group of airline pilots.

ATP’s initial focus was providing flight training to U.S. military pilots who were seeking their Airline Transport Pilot Certificates to transition over to commercial air carrier operations. Maintaining a focus on professional flight training, ATP later expanded its course offerings to include ab-initio training programs for domestic students seeking a career in commercial aviation. Today, ATP is the leading supplier of professionally trained pilots to the nation's regional airlines.

ATP Flight School solely focuses on airline-oriented flight training, operating their programs with a fixed-cost, fixed timeframe training model. ATP's primary product offering is an ab-initio airline pilot training program, which provides pilot certification from zero experience through commercial multi-engine pilot, with certificated flight instructor certificates. Graduates of this program are then guaranteed a flight instructor job with the school to gain experience and build flight time to meet airline hiring minimums.

Other programs offered by ATP include type ratings, aircraft dispatcher certification, and the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP). These programs are only offered at one of the school's locations, with all others being dedicated to flight operations. Over 1% of all general aviation flight operations in the United States is conducted by ATP, who flies nearly 25,000 hours per month resulting in students' earning 6,950 certificates annually (as of March, 2019).

ATP is partnered with Arizona State University, and is the flight provider for its Professional Flight bachelor's degree program, based out of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport facility. Aircraft used for the contract are painted in a special livery featuring the ASU logo and pitchfork.

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