A 9 year olds California boy, swims to Alcatraz Island and back, breaks record!


 "Just keep swimming". That's what helped 9-year-old James Savage brave strong currents and cold water Tuesday morning as he swam from the San Francisco shoreline to Alcatraz Island and back — a total distance of over two miles.

James — at just 4-foot-6 and 57 pounds — was able to set a record as the youngest swimmer to make the journey to the former prison

By completing the grueling open water challenge, the fourth-grader from Los Banos, Calif., has broken a record previously held by a 10-year-old boy who completed the tiring trek last year.

James said that waves in the San Francisco Bay kept hitting him in the face 30 minutes into his swim and made him want to give up. A fleet of paddlers stayed by his side the entire time.

"I wanted to turn back and they kept yelling, 'I believe you can do it,'" James told KSEE.

James' coach, Josh Weinberger, was confident with all of the boy's training that he had the technique and fortitude to finish.

With his newfound achievement, it turns out he's not done testing his limits. Next up, he said, something slightly easier: Swim the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, a distance of about 1.7 miles

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