1888 Mills (Georgia State) : The largest towel manufacturer in the United States


(UsKings.us ) Nearly 40 years ago 1888 Mills’ Chairman, Mr. Abdul Yaqub, founded Eastern Imports with the vision to provide quality textile products at a lower cost to the health care industry. To gain access into the retail market, Eastern Imports joined forces with Shelnor Mills in 1987, a leading kitchen textile producer. Eastern Shelnor realized the importance of a true global platform and merged with USA based manufacturer 1888 Mills, LLC in 2001. The 1888 Mills name pays tribute to the history of textile manufacturing.

Most recently 1888 Mills acquired Beacon Looms which provided quality window treatments to the retail industry, further expanding 1888’s extensive product assortment.

From humble beginnings, 1888 Mills has grown to be an industry leader in home and commercial textile manufacturing. They strive to remember our deep heritage of textile manufacturing while continuously searching for new ways to drive future innovation and global collaboration.

Although 1888 Mills continues to see increasing worldwide growth, we still manage to maintain a small company feel. Whether it is a community volunteer event in New York City, a company picnic in Griffin, Georgia, or a cricket match in Karachi, they encourage a positive and exciting global team atmosphere.

1888 Mills' commitment to being a customer-oriented, low cost manufacturer means each associate is a hands-on contributor. Our open door policy encourages creativity and honest dialogue. Most importantly, each 1888 Mills team member knows that their ideas and input are a valued part of 1888's continued success.

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