100 Meters, 100 Years Old: Ida Keeling Breaks Racing Record


image:newsmax Ida Keeling does the 100-meter dash in 1 minute and 17 seconds. Not bad for a 100-year-old runner.  

Keeling set a world record for her age group in the 100-meter dash at the prestigious Penn Relays in Philadelphia on Saturday, April 30th 2016. Her official time in the mixed masters age 80 and over was 1:17.33. 

She even did a few push-ups after the race to celebrate her victory.


The Penn Relays, one of the top track meets in the country and held annually at the University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field, is used to hosting the best amateur track athletes in the country. "I'm a nice example of what you can do for yourself, and I thank God every day for my blessings," Keeling said after the race.

Her daughter Shelley Keeling told Runner's World  her mother encouraged many others to do their best.

"I'm glad she's been able to be an inspiration and example, not just for young people, but for people her age and everything in between," she said after the race. "She says she's ready for a cocktail, and so am I."

Ida Keeling told 
The New York Times
 before the race that she didn't have many opportunities to run competitively when she was younger because there was a lack of organized sports for girls. Now, she gets out as much as she can.

"You see so many older people just sitting around — well, that's not me," Ida Keeling told the Times. "Time marches on, but I keep going. … I was pretty fast as a girl. What makes me faster now is that everyone else slowed down."

It's not the first record for Ida Keeling, noted the Times. She owns the American female record fastest time for 60-meter dash for ages 95 to 99 with a time of 29.86 seconds.


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